Appletree-ABC Summer Senior Camp * Grades 1st - 6th

(Students entering 1st – 6th Grades in the Fall)

Week 1Summer Kickoff

The Campers kickoff the summer with a picnic & bounce house, tie-dye their t-shirt and go to a splash park.


Week 2 – Animal Fun

This week campers explore different animal habitats, what animals eat and some special skills they have acquired.  What are the endangered species?  Students will complete a scavenger hunt during their trip to the Atlanta Zoo.  We will cool off with a trip to a splash park.


Week 3 – Outdoor Adventure

Team work is the name of the game this week. Campers work together to build shelters to protect their team from the sun and rain.  Teamwork will continue as we compete to complete the Webb Bridge Park scavenger hunt.  A field trip to Treetop Quest and zip lining through the treetops conclude the outdoor adventures!!!


Week 4 – Sea Creatures

This week is an exploration of the world under the Sea! What do sea creatures and fish in the ocean eat?  Where do they sleep? How do they protect themselves?  We will learn about the endangered ocean species and create ocean art with sea shells. We will play in the sand at Hoops & Sand.  Lastly we will enjoy an ocean voyage to the Georgia Aquarium!


Week 5 – America the Beautiful!

Campers will choose a state to learn more about the food, culture, history; and then share the information with other campers.  Campers will create their patriotic art.  Field trips to Stars & Strikes, where kids can choose to bowl or play laser tag, and the Cumming Water Park are scheduled.


Week 6 – S.T.E.M.

(Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Our little chefs will create and prepare a homemade dish to share. Working in teams, campers will use real and found materials to create a castle.  Our field trip of the week is the Tellus Science Museum where students will explore engineering.


Week 7 – Kids in the Kitchen

Using the Food Guide Pyramid, the campers will work together to create menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Visits for behind the scenes tours of a grocery store and restaurant are planned.  Daily, they will work in groups to make meals, and then enjoy the fruits of their labor!


Week 8 – The Artist in You!

The artist in you gets creative using real and found materials; choreograph a dance; write and act in a one or two person play or write and sing a song.  A trip to an art studio to create a one of a kind, unique masterpiece completes the week!


Week 9 – Water!

Campers explore all things water; bubbles, field trip to splash park and field trip to the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center for some Forest & Stream Fun!


Week 10 – Let the Games Begin!

The campers will research information about some of the athletes and their countries participating in the 2016 Olympics as well as the host country of Brazil.    Wednesday is the Back to School Luau!